Sunday, March 4, 2012

How Can I Make Sure my Case Goes Smoothly?

I attended a seminar recently where a chapter 7 trustee indicated that he seems to get the blame whenever a debtor has to turn over property to him.  This sort of blame is usually the result of communication problems between the debtor and her attorney, or due to inexperience on the part of the attorney.

You can make sure that your case goes smoothly and that you do not unexpectedly lose any assets to the chapter 7 trustee.  This process can be enhanced by expressing any concerns to your attorney and being honest and providing full disclosure to your attorney.  In some cases you will lose certain non-exempt property when you file bankruptcy.  This may be avoided by careful pre-bankruptcy planning and discussion with your attorney.  If you take action without knowing the law or discussing it with your attorney, you may open yourself up to liability, loss of money, loss of time, loss of discharge, and, in extreme cases, loss of your freedom.      

Remember, the bankruptcy discharge can convey great benefits upon you.  Follow the rules and talk to your attorney and  you won't have any unexpected difficulties.

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